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Client was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, driving without a license, driving while suspended, tailgating, reckless driving, improper passing, careless driving, failure to obey traffic signals, and obstructing traffic in Mt. Laurel Municipal Court. 19 points of violations from 10 separate charges were assessed.

RESULT:   All charges were dismissed.

Client was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia in a vehicle, driving on a suspended license, driving without proof of insurance, and a seat belt violation in Egg Harbor Municipal Court.

RESULT:   Plea agreement resulting in all drug charges being dismissed and all document charges being downgraded to failure to produce documents, resulting in only a fine with no additional penalties.

Client was charged with driving with a suspended license which had been suspended only 30 days prior to a DUI offense. The prosecutor requested 10 days jail time in the Upper Freehold Municipal Court.

RESULT:   30 day license suspension

Client was charged with speeding in excess of 100 mph and reckless driving.

RESULT:   All charges dismissed

Client was charged with a cell phone violation and reckless driving in Ocean City Municipal Court.

RESULT:   Cell phone violation was dismissed and the reckless violation was downgraded to obstructing traffic, a zero point violation.

Client was charged with a lane violation and speeding in Woodbridge Municipal Court.

RESULT:   All charges dismissed

Client was a 14-year old unlicensed driver involved in a crash and charged with driving without a license, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report, and reckless driving, and no proof of insurance in the Montclair Municipal Court.

RESULT:   All charges dismissed

Client was charged with driving without a license in the Mansfield Municipal Court.

RESULT:   All charges dismissed

Client was charged with a second DUI offense in the Medford Municipal Court. The case was set for trial and defense experts were set to testify.

RESULT:   Favorable plea deal with brief period of license suspension and no interlock device.


Case settled for $725,000 when a client fell in an open ditch while walking from her car through the Defendant’s property to the entrance of the store. The fall caused significant injuries requiring arthroscopic knee surgery, as well as surgery to repair torn ligaments in her ankle. The client also suffered chronic neck and back pain requiring spinal injections.


Client, who was 7 months pregnant, was involved in what appeared to be a minor parking lot accident. Several weeks following the accident, she experienced cramping and ultimately delivered her daughter 11/2 month pre-term, which resulted in having the baby receive extensive NICU treatment, and was determined to have respiratory conditions and ophthalmic issues associated with preterm infants. After being discharged, and once the daughter’s conditions stabilized over a matter of years, she was evaluated for life-care treatment. The defense argued the complications were not related to the minor accident and causation was an issue. Further, it was put forth the defendant’s son was driving the family car without permission and therefore no coverage for the loss. The case settled during jury selection.


Client suffered serious injuries when his car swerved into a construction ditch, not an open and obvious hazard created by a private contractor hired and contracted with by a local City entity for sewer repairs. While these conditions usually require steel cover, cones or warning sign, this particular road hazard was left completely unattended which created a road hazard. As a result of the road departure, the client suffered serious lacerations to his head requiring scar revisions as well as serious injuries in his neck and back.


The client was involved in a horrific head-on collision which resulted in 2 broken arms, complicated with neurological deficits causing loss of grip strength, inability to hold normal objects which translated into a significant impairment in the functional ability and quality of life. Moreover the client’s livelihood as a self-employed painter was greatly diminished. The defendant argued liability and damages. After closing argument and during 4 days of jury deliberation the defendants settled for an undisclosed and confidential amount.


The Client sustained severe injuries to his cervical spine, specifically a brachial plexus injury which involved severed spinal nerves from C3-C7 leaving his left arm completely useless and a fractured pelvis with complications. Clients owned a motorcycle escort business which attended to funeral processions for over 25 years. At the time of the accident, a party in the procession waved thru and allowed a negligent party traveling in the opposite direction to make a left turn thru and directly into the path of the Client causing a broadside collision. The client flew over the defendants car, landed on his back and his life was changed forever. The interesting twist on this case is that the party that literally waved the “left turning” party thru the procession was held to be partially at fault for the accident. Several months after the case, the Court of Appeals in that State held that no party owes a duty to another if there is a final duty owed by another party to the defendant. Also, the left-turning party was completely underinsured. However, a thorough asset investigation uncovered sufficient and substantial real estate assets for the defendant sufficient to satisfy any substantial judgement. After 4 years of litigation, and 2 days of motions in limine, the Client’s matter settled.


The client worked on a job site when the scaffolding collapsed causing severe injuries to his left knee, requiring surgery to repair a torn meniscus. The defendant was the scaffolding company and had been using aged wooden planks which had been warped and were inadequate for use. The wooden planks were evaluated by OSHA, as well as independent experts and found to fail below the industry standards. As a result of the client’s injury, he was unable to work for several years and sustained significant loss of earnings.


The Client was a patient at defendant’s dialysis center located in a strip mall and was being transferred from the transportation vehicle to the care facility when the staff dropped the client causing multiple life threatening fractures, failed to call for timely medical attention, and failed to employ appropriate medical protocol to respond to client’s situation which led to her wrongful death. The defendant denied the incident from happening and did not have records on drivers operating transportation for dialysis center. The matter settled shortly after a lawsuit was filed.

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