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  88% client recommended

Steven Ellman, Esq. represented me for a speeding ticket. He made me feel quite comfortable with the entire process. He was very responsive and always returned phone calls. In court he made me feel very comfortable. The best part was the ticket was dismissed. I would highly recommend him.

CLIENT – 03/07/2020


I retained Mr. Ellman to handle an extremely challenging situation that affected my business and family. My wife and I were involved in a serious accident involving major injuries and hospital bills that were beyond anything my family could ever pay in a life time. Many lawyers rejected my case or quoted fees that were simply outrageous. Mr. Ellman offered to handle the matter on a pro bono basis! Free of charge. The results were amazing. He saved my family from declaring Bankruptcy, and negotiated several hundred thousand dollars of medical bills to ZERO! I would highly recommend this lawyer to anyone. He is compassionate, competent, and kind. I would highly recommend this attorney to anyone in need of a competent, caring, and aggressive advocate!

CLIENT – 02/26/2020


I had a difficult case the insurance company denied. I had medical bills that were being sent to collections. I hired Mr. Ellman’s office who filed suit against the responsible party who happened to be a fitness center with faulty fitness equipment. I fell when the treadmill stopped and caused me to fall. They denied anything was wrong with the treadmill. Needless to say, after Mr. Ellman went to arbitration the case resolved for way more than I ever expected. He is a very skilled attorney that I am happy to tell and recommend to everyone. He was very impressive.

CLIENT – 02/26/2020


Very competent, communicated in plain english. Didn’t try to sell me on anything. His fees were affordable. Several lawyers asked for fees that were downright sinister…. Mr. Elman delivered the results he discussed from the very beginning. No nonsense! Very straight forward…

CLIENT – 02/22/2020


I had a great experience working with this lawyer. He thoroughly explained my case to me in a way that put me at ease. I was also impressed with the work ethic he put in when it was time to go to trial. A very responsive and experience attorney that I would highly recommend to others.

CLIENT – 01/21/2020


After getting involved in a traffic accident I received a ticket for going through a stop sign which I did stop for and caused major damage to my automobile after going online and looking for a attorney in my area I came up with Steve Ellman and a few other attorneys after

CLIENT – 01/16/2020


Best attorney ever to have hired. He communicated with me during through all the steps. He was able to get my case reduced. I needed him to represent me due to my inability to be present on my court date.

CLIENT – 01/15/2020


Steve was great. I had a schedule conflict and missed my court date. A warrant was issued over a traffic violation. Steve was able to get the warrant lifted and all points removed.

CLIENT – 01/05/2020




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